Ambassador Wells Engages Youth in Mafraq; Visits Zaatari Camp

Mafraq – In her first trip outside of Amman, Ambassador Alice Wells visited Mafraq as part of an effort to learn about the challenges facing the Jordanian people.  She participated in a roundtable at the Mosawah Center with 12 youth leaders of volunteer and non-profit organizations.

The youth enthusiastically shared information about their initiatives and aspirations as well as the obstacles young people face in the district and proposed ideas on how U.S.-Jordanian cooperation could help mitigate those challenges.  Ambassador Wells also viewed photos from a recent Embassy-sponsored program in which young photographers from Mafraq captured images that highlight the district’s beauty and current conditions.

The Ambassador observed: “I am inspired by the determination and dedication shown by this outstanding group of young people, who are making a difference in their communities under difficult conditions.”

After her visit to Mafraq, Ambassador Wells continued to briefings at Zaatari refugee camp.