Ambassador Wooster Visits Zarqa to Highlight U.S. Support for Water and Economic Development.

(Zarqa, Oct. 6, 2021) – U.S. Ambassador Henry T. Wooster met with Zarqa’s governor Hijazi Assaf on a trip to the city Wednesday.  He also visited a USAID-funded water project that helps keep water flowing in Zarqa even during dry times.  Then he met Jordanian alumni of U.S. government exchange programs who described their efforts to build a more prosperous future in Zarqa, highlighting women’s leadership initiatives. 

“In Zarqa, we’re seeing new approaches to tackle the roadblocks that stand in front of Jordanians and their prosperity, and we’re proud to support and encourage that progress,” Ambassador Wooster said. 

Joint U.S.-Jordan projects like the upgraded Awajan Pump Station help boost water protection and reduce water loss.  Regular preventative maintenance for Jordan’s water infrastructure, combined with updated business practices for the Kingdom’s water utility companies, help keep faucets running. 

Ambassador Wooster and Governor Assaf discussed ways the city and governorate can achieve economic growth and opportunity, and how to support Zarqa in its urban planning.  The Ambassador also discussed economic conditions with board members of the Zarqa Chamber of Industry.  He welcomed Jordanian businesses—whether small, medium, or large—to establish a presence in the United States for enhanced market access.  Following the meeting, he toured an exhibition of Zarqa-based manufacturers who export products to the United States, including food, beverages, cosmetics, and industrial products. 

Five Jordanian alumni of U.S. Embassy exchange programs briefed the Ambassador on the work they are doing in Zarqa to increase women’s participation in politics, the economy, and community decision making.  “When community members address problems together, stronger solutions follow,” Ambassador Wooster said. “We’re eager to support community-based progress.”