August 22 U.S. Embassy Update on Student Visa Processing

Since our latest update on August 12 (link), we successfully scheduled over 150 Jordanian students for visa interviews to study in the United States this fall semester.  To date, we assisted almost every student we are aware of with a start date of September 2 or earlier.  We continue to work with students who are scheduled to start their classes after September 2.

We share our earlier guidance for students awaiting visa appointments: 1) know your U.S. educational institution’s latest start date for international students the fall term; 2) take the first student visa appointment available through our website (link) and request an earlier appointment via the emergency appointment function; and 3) be prepared to get to the Embassy as soon as the next day.  If you cannot schedule an appointment, please email and let our team know.  We will do our best to help every student.