Community Solutions Program 2015

Community Solutions logo markAbout the Community Solutions Program

The Community Solutions Program brings the best and brightest global community leaders working in Transparency & Accountability, Tolerance & Conflict Resolution, Environmental Issues, and Women & Gender Issues from around the world to the U.S. for an intensive professional development program. Leaders bring years of experience to community development in the U.S. while strengthening their capacity for leadership and development in their home countries. Through tailored fellowships, leaders gain hands-on experience in community work; collaborate and learn best practices through an online leadership institute; and create action plans for community-based initiatives back home.

Working with Women’s Crisis Support Team is a great opportunity to both give and take. I have the rare oppor-tunity to share with others my Zimbabwean experiences, while at the same time taking good practices that will enhance the work we are doing in Zimbabwe.” Nixon Nembaware, Zimbabwe

Program Activities

Four-month U.S. Fellowship: Community Solutions leaders work in community-based, non-profit organizations or government offices across the U.S. where they work in partnership with American counterparts to address local issues.

Community Leadership Institute (CLI): Community Solutions leaders develop leadership and organizational management skills through online courses and in-person training that complement their community placements.

Follow-on Projects: Community Solutions leaders develop follow-on community projects in partnership with their U.S. hosts. Follow-on projects will be completed after leaders return to their home countries.

Being in this program is helping me to gain an understanding of how to engage citizens more in the political sphere and connect with experts and people working in this field so I can learn and provide them with my insights.” Savina Sirik, Cambodia

Application Information: For eligibility requirements and the program application, please visit Community Solutions – Information for Applicants’ page or email