Current MEPI Funding Opportunity

U.S. Embassy Amman welcomes applications in response to The Office of Assistance Coordination’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Program for its 2017 Local Grants Program in Jordan.

Applicants must read and follow the detailed Annual Program Statement (APS) and Proposal submission Instructions (PSI).  PSI is Jordan specific and includes Jordan’s areas of priority for this year.  The APS is the general MEPI Annual Program Statement with lots of detail on eligibility and application instructions.  Both documents can be accessed on the following links:

–          Annual Program Statement (APS) 

–          Proposal Submission Instruction (PSI) (PDF 349KB)

All application materials((budget Narrative Template, Project Narrative Template, SF424, SF424A, SF424B) are available on the links provided in the APS.  Each document must be submitted in English.  The total amount of funding available for MEPI’s Local Grants program varies year to year.  The minimum funding amount for each grant is $50,000 and the maximum is $150,000.

Applications should be submitted by January 21, 2017 to