Study in the USA: Undergraduate – Timeline – Grade 12

Timeline – Grade 12


  • Carefully review your college application instructions and establish a timetable for the deadlines you will have to meet.
  • Make certain you are aware of policy/procedures for sending applications in one package.
  • Review your  ACT, SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Tests, and TOEFL iBT results with your School Counselor to determine if you’ll need to retake any of these examinations.
  • If you need to have confidential recommendations, give the appropriate forms to your School Counselor (Secondary School Report) and Teachers (Teacher Evaluation).


  • If a portfolio is required for the major you have chosen, select/organize samples of your work.
  • Complete the essay for your applications. Make copies.
  • Complete the applications using copies of the original forms and ask your School Counselor to look at them. Then, transfer the data to the original and be sure to make copies of the finished product. This includes online applications. Be sure to give your School Counselor your online application number.
  • If you intend to apply for aid, complete financial aid applications with your family.  If you don’t intend to apply for aid, ask your parents for their bank official to complete the International Student Certification of Finances Form, which guarantees that adequate funds are available for your educational needs, and include it with your application. Make copies of all documents.
  • Make sure that your School Counselor has several copies of your official transcript from previously attended high schools. If English translations are necessary, get them done.
  • Get dates for College Fairs/representatives traveling the region.
  • Have someone review admissions essay.


  • Submit your applications with fees (and portfolios if required) to the School Counseling Office by the end of November. Do not wait for the published university deadlines.
  • Be sure to request that your scores (TOEFL iBT,  ACT, SAT Reasoning Test and, if applicable, SAT Subject Tests) are sent to all colleges and universities on your list.
  • Check that confidential teacher recommendations have been sent to the School Counselor.
  • Check to be certain that your High School has sent your official supporting documents to all the colleges/universities on your list.


  • If applicable, give your School Counselor the Mid-Year Report Form and request that it be sent at the end of the first semester/term.
  • Be prepared to reply promptly to any requests for additional information from your colleges/universities.


  • Keep up a good standard of work in class since the final transcript will be sent at the end of the academic year.
  • With the help of your family, if there are any additional financial aid forms that have been left incomplete, be certain to finish and send them now. Make copies.
  • Some institutions require interviews, so a representative might contact you in January and February.


  • Continue discussion with your family about the financial plan for your study.


  • If you applied to colleges/universities with rolling and/or open admission, you might be asked to send a deposit soon.


  • Many colleges/universities inform students this month as to whether or not they have been accepted.
  • If more than one college accepts you, select your first choice with the help of your family and School Counselor and then notify the other universities that you do not plan to attend.
  • Send your reply and deposit by the stated deadline.
  • Keep your School Counselor aware of decisions and developments.


  • If you haven’t heard from a university, ask your School Counselor to make contact with the office of admissions.
  • If you have incomplete materials regarding acceptance and/or financial aid status, make contact with the office of admissions.
  • Review Pre-departure procedures as provided by the Education Advisor at the Embassy/ Consulates.
  • Confirm housing at your first choice college/university.


  • Continue visa application process at the Embassy.
  • Remind your Secondary School that you wish to have your final transcript sent to your college/university and be certain to give the correct address.
  • Make travel arrangements so that you arrive on time for new student orientation.