Jordanian Student Intern Program

The purpose of the Jordanian Student Intern Program (JSIP) is to offer the best and brightest students from accredited universities around Jordan, the challenge of working in a professional work environment and at the same time benefit from their assistance.

The goal of the program is to provide them with valuable work experience in their field of study at U.S. Embassy Amman and promote American culture to the students.

Frequently Asked Questions

The point-of-contact is preferably someone in your university’s Student Affairs department to whom information regarding student internship programs can be sent.

Please send his/her name, title/department, email, and phone number to

The Jordanian Student Intern Program (JSIP) will be conducted during university summer break; no earlier and no later.

The length of time students will participate in JSIP will depend on the duration of his/her university’s summer break.  On average an intern can expect to work a standard work week: Sunday through Thursday, from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. for 8-12 weeks.  Specific working hours and duration will be determined by the JSIP office/section with which the student is selected to intern.

The Jordanian Student Intern Program (JSIP) is open to students enrolled in an accredited university located in Jordan.

Students do not have to be Jordanian to apply for the Jordanian Student Intern Program (JSIP).  However, he/she must have a Jordanian passport or a Jordanian residency card with a work permit.  He/she must legally be allowed to live and work in Jordan.


Jordanian Student Intern Program (JSIP) applications must be submitted via the email address:

Jordanian Student Intern Program (JSIP) candidates must fully meet all of the requirements of the internship vacancy.  The sponsoring section will make decisions on who will be invited for an interview, testing and make the final decision on selected candidates.

If you would like to withdraw your application, please submit an email to stating that you no longer wish to proceed with this application.  Please state the announcement number in the subject line.

Applicants need to obtain a certificate from the Jordanian Intelligence Department which acknowledges his/her ‘good conduct/behavior’ and states that he/she is permitted to train/intern at the American Embassy. JID is familiar with issuing this type of certificate.