Embassy Speakers Program

The Embassy Speakers Program connects members of the American Embassy community with schools, NGOs, or other organizations to speak about topics of mutual interest. The Program offers audiences from all backgrounds and ages the opportunity to learn more about the policies, culture, and history of the United States through interactive discussions with a guest speaker.

The themes of speeches and presentations can vary. Successful presentations have covered:

  • American Popular Culture
  • American Holiday Traditions
  • U.S. Foreign Policy
  • American University Culture
  • Popular American Sports
  • Educational Opportunities in the U.S.
  • American Books, Movies, Music, etc.

For many audiences, the most important aspect is having personal contact with an American diplomat, and an open forum where they can ask speakers direct questions about the topic of discussion. The program provides a good opportunity for students of English language to practice their English skills, think critically about global issues and discuss them.

We will handle the logistics and our program coordinator will work with you to organize other aspects of the visit at your venue. We welcome your suggestions for topics of interest and presentation formats, and typically speakers engage in a question and answer session after their presentation. Presentations and question and answer are generally done in English, but we will attempt to honor requests for Arabic speaking presenters from the Embassy.