2019 Jordan Local Grants Program

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  2. 2019 Jordan Local Grants Program

Funding Opportunity Synopsis

The Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Office of Assistance Coordination (NEA/AC) and the United States Embassy in Amman are seeking proposals from eligible applicants for a 2019 Jordan Local Grants Program.
U.S. Embassy Jordan has identified two priority areas for which it seeks responsive applications: Enhanced Citizen Engagement and Strengthened Civil Society Advocacy and Capacity. The first objective of this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is to encourage a more active citizenry through increased media literacy and civic education, outlets for open discussion, and broadened youth participation in local government and civil society. The second objective is to increase Jordanians’ ability to hold their government accountable through enhanced NGO advocacy and capacity building for local organizations. Proposals should pay special attention to developing strategies and activities that increase women’s participation.

Eligible Countries and Territories:
This announcement seeks to support projects in Jordan. Applications that focus on activities in countries and territories other than Jordan will NOT be considered.

All applications must be submitted in English. Applicants may submit only one (1) application for each priority area. Complete information on how applicants can submit proposals for this opportunity can be found in Section VI below.

Background Information about NEA/AC:

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Office of Assistance Coordination (NEA/AC) offers Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (DRG) assistance to groups and individuals striving to bring about positive change in the Middle East-North Africa region. The Assistance Coordination Office funds projects in 20 countries and territories, partnering with governments, civil society organizations (CSOs), community leaders, youth and women activists, and private sector groups to advance their efforts. Competitively selected projects aim to foster participatory governance, economic reform, and educational advancement in response to local interest and needs.

Background Information about the U.S. Embassy in Jordan:

The United States Embassy in Jordan (Embassy Amman) remains a committed partner to Jordan by working with its government, private sector, and civil society as they lay the foundation for the country’s stable and prosperous future.

More information: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=314343

Yes, organizations may propose partners which they think will be beneficial to
supporting the activities and objectives detailed in the Notice of Funding Opportunity. Note
that partners proposed as sub-awardees are not required to have a UEI number prior to the
submission of an application but must have one prior to a sub-award being issued.

Proposals that address at least one of the two challenges outlined in the problem
statement in support of objectives outlined in at least one of the two priority areas are

If the partner is proposed in the application to contribute to the project’s
activities and objectives, a letter of intent or letter of agreement in English would be helpful
but is not required.

Please refer to the Notice of Funding Opportunity for details on the required
materials for the application. Templates of the mentioned materials can be found with the
NOFO posting on www.grants.gov.

Yes, the 10% de minimis is able to be proposed in the budget. Applicants
proposing the 10% de minimis should detail the organization’s de minimis policy as well as
the costs requested to be covered by the indirect cost category.

This announcement seeks to support projects in Jordan, without regard to the
number of regions within Jordan reached. Applications that focus on activities in countries
and territories other than Jordan will NOT be considered.

As detailed on page 8 of the NOFO, “Eligible applicants include local
organizations of civil society, non-profit organizations, community groups, nongovernmental
organizations, professional associations, private sector organizations, and
universities based in Jordan. Applications from any of the aforementioned organizations not
based in Jordan are not eligible…” As such, organizations not registered in Jordan are not
eligible to apply to this NOFO.

No, the organization in Jordan applying for funding must be registered in Jordan
with its own UEI and SAM registration in order to be able to apply to this NOFO.

As detailed under VI. Application and Submission Information, Section C.
Submitting an Application on page 12 of the NOFO, applicants must submit their application
electronically using either Grants.gov OR via email at NEA-Grants@state.gov.