Karak Hospital Renovations Expected to Provide Improved Services to Local Residents

KARAK (April 29) – Minister of Health Dr. Ali Hiyasat, U.S. Ambassador to Jordan Stuart E. Jones, and USAID Mission Director Beth S. Paige today inaugurated the newly renovated obstetrics, neonatal and emergency departments at Karak Hospital that will improve the departments’ operations and enhance the quality of care.  The renovations, which cost nearly $4 million, were provided through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

“The United States works closely with our Jordanian partners to improve the health and well-being of all Jordanian families,” said Ambassador Jones during the inauguration ceremony.

Karak Hospital’s obstetrics, neonatal and emergency departments have been more than doubled in size to 3,250 square meters. The increased space and new medical equipment are expected to reduce maternal and neonatal diseases and deaths.

Past hospital renovations by USAID have had similar results.  Jordan University Hospital reported a 50 percent reduction in neonatal deaths within four months of renovation.

USAID provided $3.1 million for renovations to Karak Hospital and an additional $638,000 for medical and IT equipment as well as furniture.  This included the expansion and updating of the delivery ward, operating theater, obstetrics department and outpatient clinic.   New neonatal incubators and resuscitators, vital signs monitors, and delivery and operating tables were purchased to replace outdated equipment and ensure the safety of services.

USAID launched its five-year, $73.5 million Health Systems Strengthening II Project in September 2009 in coordination with the Government of Jordan’s Ministry of Health and the Royal Medical Services to enhance the public healthcare system in Jordan.  Since its inception, USAID has funded the renovation of 14 departments in 12 public hospitals.