MENA ICT Forum 2016: Digitizing the Economy (NOV 9-10)

Technologies have been emerging and evolving at unprecedented and exponential

rates. Having transformed from conceptual ideas into current practical applications,

the 2016 MENA ICT Forum focuses on the various aspects of how disruptive

technologies impact numerous industries and sectors that are vital to the MENA

region’s economies.


Education, healthcare, clean energy, transportation and logistics, commerce, financial

services, media, and humanitarian causes are but a few examples of vital industries

that are impacted by Big Data, Cloud Computing, Social Media, the Internet of

Everything, Mobility, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, and Wearable technologies.


This year’s MENA ICT Forum focuses on how these sectors and industries are

impacted, enhanced, and propelled by these cutting-edge technologies and their

continuous development and advancements. As such, the forum is the ideal platform

for C-suit Business Executives, Governments, Policy Makers, Non-Profit Executives,

Investors and Financers, Entrepreneurs, ICT Professionals, Enthusiasts, and Hobbyists

to lean, experience, participate, engage, and establish vision about the latest

developments in their industries and how they can benefit their business conduct.


The MENA ICT forum is a great opportunity to understand the MENA region, to network and to start new partnerships.


Don’t miss this opportunity – for registration and more information, Visit the MENA ICT forum official website