The first American Ambassador Youth Council in Jordan

The first American Ambassador Youth Council in Jordan was established in September 2015, following the model of other U.S. Ambassador’s Youth Councils in embassies around the world. This Council comes as a real response to the necessity of involving youth in the decision-making process and incorporating their input, as well as demonstrating our faith in their abilities and vision for a better future for Jordan. The Council is comprised of twelve Jordanian young men and women under age thirty and representing different interests and geographic regions of the country.

By choice of its members, the Council is focused on five main areas that correspond to the priorities and challenges currently facing Jordanian youth, namely: alleviating unemployment, the development of education, youth empowerment, social justice, and combating extremism through supporting individual or collective initiatives.

Structure and composition: the Council is led by an elected president and a coordinator from among the 12 members. The entire Council contributes to the agenda for their meetings with the U.S. Ambassador to Jordan every two months, in which they discuss the latest developments in the five above-mentioned areas, and design and propose solutions to them.

The Council also aspires to be a link between the Jordanian youth and decision-makers involved in American policy with regards to Jordan, with the aim of strengthening people-to-people, diplomatic and economic ties that benefit the two countries. It should also be noted that the recruitment for the Council members was conducted through an open application process, and rigorous, transparent screening including group and individual interviews. The Council members will rotate on an annual basis.

The Ambassador’s Youth Council welcomes any suggestions, questions or ideas for initiatives from you via this e-mail: