U.S. Ambassador and Jordanian Officials Inaugurate Karak Dam Construction

Karak – Jordanian and U.S. officials today inaugurated construction on the Karak Dam project, which when completed in 2016, is expected to benefit 5,000 farming families, reduce energy costs, increase agricultural yields and expand Jordan’s agricultural exports.

The project, funded in part through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food for Progress (FFP) program, used the proceeds from the sale of $12 million worth of donated wheat to help the Jordanian agricultural sector.  U.S. Ambassador Alice G. Wells joined Minister of Water and Irrigation Dr. Hazem Nasser and Jordan Valley Authority Secretary General Saad Abu Hammour in the ceremonial ribbon cutting.

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Dr. Ibrahim Saif, members of parliament, senators, and members of the local community were also in attendance.

Since 2000 alone, the U.S. government has invested nearly $700 million in Jordan’s water sector.

“The dam will help capture each drop of water in a country where literally every drop counts.  The U.S. government is committed to helping Jordan meet its water demands and improve the quality of life of its citizens through a variety of measures, and the Al Karak Dam is just one such example.” said Ambassador Wells.  The Ambassador commended local and national efforts to improve water management and added, “We are proud to be partners in ensuring that Jordan has a stable supply of water, and this key piece of infrastructure will contribute towards those efforts.”

During her trip to Karak, Ambassador Wells also met with Governor Abd Al Kareem Al Rawajfeh, Mayor Mohammad Al Maaytah, tribal leaders, the Karak Business Incubators group, and members of the Creativity Club.