Request an Emergency Passport

All full-validity passports are now printed in the United States, except in a few special and limited situations. Here are some guidelines as to what constitutes a true emergency:

If your passport is lost or stolen, or have a family or medical emergency, you may qualify for an emergency print passport.

If you realized too late that your passport has expired, has run out of empty pages for visas, or is not valid long enough for travel to certain countries, we will not be able to accommodate your request for an emergency passport. However, we can process new, full-validity passports in 7-10 days from your application appointment. We can call or e-mail you when it arrives, so you can pick it up right away.

An emergency passport has all the same requirements and fees as a regular passport, but has a limited validity and will need to be replaced with a regular passport upon arrival at your destination. Your application should follow all of the instructions for the type of passport service you are requesting. In general, emergency passports require at least one business day.

For emergency passport services, or for other issues not listed in the online appointment system, please contact the American Citizen Services unit directly by phone from Sunday to Thursday between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. at (+962-6) 590-6950, or by email at If you have an emergency situation outside of these hours, contact the Embassy at (+962-6) 590-6000.