Second Passport

It is the Department of State’s general policy that no person be in possession of more than one valid U.S. passport at a time. There is, however, a small number of cases, involving circumstances outside the control of the passport bearer, in which the issuance of a second passport may be appropriate.

For example, due to restrictive entry policies, or when the passport needed for current travel purposes is unavailable due to prolonged visa processing delays and neither a change of itinerary nor cancellation of the current passport coupled with issuance of a new passport is possible or practicable.  In a case such as this, a second passport may be issued to the applicant.

The application must be accompanied with a written statement indicating the reason for a second passport.  The second passport will be limited in time of validity and/or geographic area, allowing travel for the proposed specific itinerary.  You will be requested to complete this statement (PDF 160 KB) and submit it with your passport application.

Fees for second passports are the same as regular passports, and the rest of your application should follow all of the instructions for the type of passport service you are requesting.