U.S Grant to Jordan Uses Savings To Help More Beneficiaries, Construct New Building

Zarqa – The Minister of Water and Irrigation H.E. Dr. Hazem Nasser and U.S. Ambassador to Jordan Stuart Jones announced today that more beneficiaries in Zarqa Governorate will have access to wastewater services through the $275 million grant program funded by the US Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

The announcement came following a proposal submitted early this year to MCC by the Millennium Challenge Account – Jordan (MCA-Jordan), the company that manages the MCC funded program, to expand the scope of the Wastewater Network Project by adding up to 65 new kilometers of pipes to the Princess Haya neighborhood in Zarqa Governorate.

“MCA-Jordan has managed to reallocate an amount of around $16.4 million of the program funds as a result of cost savings due to lower than anticipated construction costs for the Water Network Project, and lower than anticipated administrative costs, in addition to contingency funds,” explained MCA-Jordan CEO Eng. Kamal Zoubi.

Out of the $16.4 million for new wastewater pipes in Princess Haya neighborhood, $600,000 will be used to construct a new building for the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ) in Zarqa city to create sustainability for the MCC program after its completion.

“I am delighted to highlight the fact that because of the program’s transparent and efficient implementation – an implementation performed by Jordanians – there have been savings which can now be used for additional works in Zarqa,” Ambassador Jones said.

According to Eng. Zoubi, the selection of neighborhoods within the MCC program in Zarqa Governorate was determined before the program’s commencement based on studies that took into consideration population density, geographical location, cost, and other crucial elements.

“This is not an extension of the program’s duration. New work still means that all projects need to be concluded before the MCC Jordan compact ends at the end of 2016,” Zoubi said.

MCC funds three main projects within its compact in Jordan, all in Zarqa Governorate:

  1. The Water Network Project, laying out around 800 km of new pipes to decrease leakage and increase supply of water to residents.
  2. The Wastewater Network Project, providing over 300 km of new sewage pipes for the Zarqa Governorate water utility.
  3. The expansion of As-Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), treating 70% of Jordan’s wastewater and producing clean treated water for irrigation in the Jordan River Valley.