Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about immigrant visas.

In order for us to transfer a case, the file must be requested from the receiving post.  For example, if you want to transfer your file to the U.S. Embassy in Ankara you should contact the U.S. Embassy there.  If they agree to accept the case and request the file from us, we will then forward it.

Please contact us at for an appointment. The transfer is not guaranteed, but you are welcome to present compelling reasons for your case to be transferred to Amman. For instance, if the beneficiary lives in Amman permanently, you may choose to present his / her residency card. Please note that transferring your case to Amman will not expedite the process and in many instances results in a further delay.

Immigrant visa applicants are required to submit the required documents in advance of their appointment dates. Failing to provide a complete document package in advance will delay visa processing.

Jordanians, residents of Jordan, and applicants already in Jordan: 1-2 weeks before your interview, you must send a complete document package with Aramex or drop it off at the U.S. Embassy between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. any day.  These hours are for document drop-off only; we will not be able to assist with cases or answer questions during this time.  You should submit all documents no more than two weeks before interview and no later than one week before interview.

Non-residents of Jordan and applicants traveling to Jordan for interview: You should arrive in Jordan five days before your interview and conduct your medical exam.  Three days before your interview you must drop off your complete document package at the U.S. Embassy between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m.

If you have an application receipt number, you can follow this link to check case status.

If the petitioner decides to withdraw the petition, s/he must provide an original, signed and notarized letter making a formal request to the Immigrant Visa Unit to withdraw the petition.

Most visas are issued and sent to the applicant within one to two weeks.  Some cases require additional administrative processing as per visa regulations. In such cases, the administrative processing takes an average of five months to be completed.

We can not determine this until the day of the interview. Some visa applications require further administrative processing, which takes additional time after the visa applicant’s interview by a Consular Officer. Applicants are advised of this requirement at the conclusion of the interview.

Most administrative processing is completed within five months of the visa interview. When administrative processing is required, the timing will vary based on individual circumstances of each case.  The administrative processing occurs in Washington, DC and can not be expedited or waived. Visa applicants are reminded not to make any non-refundable travel plans until they receive their visas.

All Immigrant Visa applicants who are pending administrative processing can check their case status at this Department of State website.

A Permanent Resident of the United States can travel freely outside of the U.S. A passport from the country of citizenship is normally all that is needed. To re-enter the U.S. a Permanent Resident normally needs to present the green card (Permanent Resident Card, Form I-551) for readmission. A re-entry permit is needed for re-entry for trips greater than one year but less than two years in duration. You can find more information about travel documents at the USCIS website.

The maximum validity of the immigrant visa is usually six months or to the expiry date of the medical exam report, whichever comes first. Applicants must enter the U.S. before the expiry date printed on the visa. If a replacement visa is needed (because the original expired or is damaged) the visa fees must be paid again.

The maximum validity of the Medical Examination is six months. However, depending on the case, the validity can be less.

Embassy Amman accepts medical reports from the designated panel physicians only.

Appointments at Embassy Amman are given on a first come, first serve basis. Due to the heavy demand for appointments and the volume of requests to reschedule, the embassy does not have the capacity to accommodate such requests for earlier appointments.

Cases that are slated for return to USCIS are sent to the office in which the petition was originally filed in the United States. The petitioner is then contacted by that office, usually a few months after the interview, but the wait can be longer depending on case volume.  You are advised to submit any additional information directly to USCIS at that time. No further action will be taken on the case by the Immigrant Visa Unit after it has been slated for review by USCIS.

Please contact the Department of Homeland Security.

If the principal applicant (spouse or parent) was issued an immigrant visa at Embassy Amman, then the rest of the immediate family (spouse and children) may qualify as immigrants following-to-join the principal applicant, who is in the United States as a legal permanent resident.  Applicants must present the following:

Certified copy of the principle applicant’s passport or re-entry permit (all pages), showing entry and exit stamps to U.S.; certified copy of the principal applicant’s legal permanent resident card; marriage certificate or birth certificate (original or certified copy) showing your relationship to the principal applicant; or any other information you may have about the visa classification and priority date.

Once you have obtained the items listed above, please mail to the Immigrant Visa Unit at the following address:

Immigrant Visa Unit
Consular Section
P.O. Box 354
Amman, 11118

If all the above documentation meet the requirements, you will receive an appointment letter and a copy of the Instructions for Immigrant Visa Applicants so that you may begin immigrant visa processing.  Please include your return address and telephone numbers.

If the principal applicant (spouse or parent) adjusted status in the United States, then the qualifying following-to-join applicant must be processed through the National Visa Center (NVC):

National Visa Center
32 Rochester Avenue
Portsmouth, NH  03801-2902

After your immigrant visa interview at the U.S. Embassy, follow the instructions below to pick-up your passport if your visa was approved:

  1. Log on to and select the country you are applying from.  Please be sure to have the following information for each group member available:
    •   Applicant’s passport number
    •   Immigrant Visa Case Number (usually starts with AMM or DMS)
    •   Priority date
  2. Click on “New Application/Schedule Appointment” on the left side bar.
  3. Select “IV Address Registration” from the menu.
  4. Select the visa class and submit.
  5. Insert all personal information including a valid address and phone number.  This is how the courier service will contact you when the passport is ready for pick-up.  Please make sure your contact information is correct.
  6. Enter the Priority Date & IV Case number at the bottom of the page.
  7. Add dependents (derivatives), if any, by clicking on “Add By Name.”  Click continue if there are no dependents.
  8. Select your pickup city and location.
  9. Click on “Printable Version” to print the confirmation page for your records.  The courier service will contact you at the phone number or email address that you entered when the passport is ready for pick-up.