Special Information for Syrian Applicants

Travel to Jordan for Syrian Applicants

Some visa applicants traveling from Syria have encountered difficulties arriving in Amman for their immigrant visa interviews.  The U.S. Embassy in Amman is liaising with the Jordanian authorities and Royal Jordanian Airlines to facilitate the entry of immigrant visa applicants arriving from Beirut by air.  While we cannot guarantee their entry into Jordan, we can inform the Jordanian authorities that Syrian immigrant visa applicants will be entering Jordan via Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) on a specific date for an immigrant visa interview.  At this time we cannot assist visa applicants attempting to enter Jordan by land through border crossings.

Syrian IV applicants with scheduled interviews at the U.S. Embassy in Amman should email their flight itinerary to the National Visa Center (NVC) at sfvp@state.gov as instructed by NVC.  Currently, the only Royal Jordanian flights from Beirut are RJ 402, RJ 404, RJ 406 and RJ 408.  We cannot guarantee coordination on other airlines or codeshares.

Many visa applicants have encountered difficulties reaching their interviews when they have not coordinated with us in advance or attempted to fly with other airlines, use other airports, or cross by land.  We cannot assist with entry to Jordan for reasons other than a scheduled immigrant visa interview.

If any of the following occur, please send us an email at support-Jordan@ustraveldocs.com that explains your situation so that we can address your concerns:

  • Lebanese or Jordanian authorities have denied your entry into Lebanon or Jordan.
  • Royal Jordanian has refused to allow you to board the aircraft.
  • You have been informed that you are not on the interview appointment list.

Please do not call the U.S. Embassy; we will not be able to assist.  Instead, when you are able, reach out to us at the email address above, and do not worry, we will reschedule your interview!

If you would like to have your interview at another Embassy or Consulate, you may request that your case is transferred to that location.  Please contact that Embassy or Consulate directly with your request.

If you have an approved petition by USCIS and your immigrant visa interview appointment has been scheduled please see: Preparing for your Interview

Important reminders for Syrian Applicants

  • Medical exams must be conducted in Jordan.
  • The Individual Civil Record and police record must have been issued within the last six months.
  • Ensure that full names or national identification numbers are present for all individuals listed on documents from the Civil Status Registry.
  • Bring the original birth certificates and family records being used to establish the relationship to the family member petitioning for your immigration. Remember to also provide these for the other family members applying for immigration.

To find out more information about documentary requirements, fees, and other information, please read the information on the U.S. Embassy’s Visa webpages.