Nonimmigrant Visa

We provide visa services to Jordanians and citizens of other countries who reside in Jordan and wish to enter the United States temporarily for business, study, or pleasure.

Applicants must book their own appointments online at Please go to apply for a visa and make an appointment.

Please Plan Ahead

We recommend you apply at least 90 days before your planned travel. While most qualified applicants receive their visas within four business days, some visas are subject to administrative processing which can take one to four months, or longer, to complete. This processing cannot be waived or expedited.

If you are physically disabled and require special assistance on the day of your interview, please with your passport number and appointment date, so we can make the appropriate accommodation.

Jordanian children under 14 must appear at the visa interview in person. (Please note: All third national applicants must appear in person for their visa interview regardless of age.)  You might be at the Embassy for several hours on the day of your interview, so prepare accordingly.

Please note that the Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 222(f), prohibits us from releasing information regarding a visa application to anyone except the applicant or the attorney of record due to the confidentiality of visa records.