Case Status

When your interview is over, the officer will recommend issuance of the visa or refuse your application.


If you are qualified to receive a visitor’s visa, your passport and visa will be delivered to a central Aramex location for pickup within a week.  For more information on visa delivery, please go to

Most qualified applicants receive their visas within four business days. Some cases are subject to administrative processing which may take 1-4 months or longer. This processing cannot be waived or expedited. We follow up regularly on cases subject to this procedure. Please check with our call center at Jordan: 962-6-300-6741 or U.S.:  1-703-520-2242 for the status of your case.


If you are denied a visa, the officer will explain the refusal to you and will give you a written explanation of the refusal.

If you are refused as an intending immigrant, this is a final decision that cannot be appealed. You may reapply at a later date after scheduling a new appointment and repaying the fees.

If you are refused for administrative processing, you will be told how to track the status of your case. Processing can be delayed for a few days or for several months. Whereas it may be possible to overcome this type of refusal, you must wait for the completion of processing and review for an officer to make a final determination regarding your case.

For more information on visa denials or ineligibilities and waivers, please visit our website.