Where to Apply

After you have completed your DS-160 and printed your Confirmation Page, you must go to www.ustraveldocs.com and schedule an appointment. It is your responsibility to schedule your appointment well in advance of your intended travel.  You may also complete the DS-160 at www.ustraveldocs.com.

Requesting Special Accommodation: If you are physically disabled and require special assistance on the day of your interview, please e-mail Support-Jordan@ustraveldocs.com with your passport number and appointment date, so we can make the appropriate accommodation to provide you with the necessary.

Filling out the DS-160: If the DS-160 application asks: “Have you attended any educational institutions other than elementary school?”, this refers to middle school (“Almadrasa Al idaadiyya”), high school (“al madrasa Althanawiyya”) and any University degree you have obtained.

If the DS-160 asks you to list the countries you have traveled to in the past five years, you MUST list all places you have traveled to outside of Jordan in the last five years. This includes Syria, The West Bank, Egypt, etc.

Please note that failure to properly fill in these answers will require you to refill out the application and you must then obtain a new interview date/time, leading to processing delays for your application.